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Transmission Rebuild

If your automobile is not able to have its transmission safely repaired, then you will need to find a quality company in the Los Angeles area to conduct a complete transmission rebuild service for you. If you find yourself in this situation, then you should consider giving the team at Luis Repair Center a Call today. We know how to get your auto back up and running as quickly as possible when it comes time to fix the transmission, and all of our service techs are ASE certified. We also know how to give you choices when it comes to this big repair. Many times, we will be able to identify issues that although they should be fixed along with the rebuild. If your car is overdue for other routine maintenance, we can help there as well with our full service garage to include our popular brake service. We can also help you physically get your vehicle to the shop in the event that it has broken down on you around the LA area. Our company believes in delivering the lowest cost possible on all of our services, and we understand that everyone who lives and works around our area in LA is on a budget. No matter what, our primary goal is to take care of both you and your vehicle’s problems. Please feel free to give our friendly staff a call today with any questions that you might have. All of our staff members love to talk shop, and we can give you a good idea of approximately how long your service appointment will take to fully diagnose the issues with the vehicle and approximately how long our transmission rebuilding service will take. You will not be disappointed in our quality of service, or our prices.

Finding a good mechanic who can take care of transmission and engine problems is a challenge. Today, many of the shops and auto garages around the city are not able to deliver the full range of service options required to help auto owners address concerns with their car, truck, van, or SUV’s transmission. If you find yourself in this predicament, then you should definitely consider making one of your first phone calls be to Luis Repair Center as we are a true game changer in the field of auto repair. Our garage has been open for more than 30 years, and all of our ASE certified mechanics are true experts in the field when it comes time to help translate some of the strange noises and feelings that a failing transmission starts to show to the driver into maintenance actions that will fix the issue. Whether your transmission is starting to slip, or you are hearing noises when you start the car, you may need to repair your car’s transmission, rebuild it or even replace it with a new or used one. Either way we’re able to help you. Our knowledgeable transmission rebuilding technicians will be able to provide you with an accurate diagnostic of the problem. Just as important, they will be able to provide you with the solution as well. We believe in educating our customers, taking the time to explain everything so they can make an informed decision. If the best solution is to rebuild your transmission, then we can do that for you as well. Just give us a call today to see what is in the realm of the possible when you partner with our team.