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Transmission Repair

Have you noticed your transmission slipping up a bit lately? Is it causing your car or truck to behave in ways it never has before? Are you searching for a Transmission Shop in Los Angeles that can handle the demands of the treacherous roads we have in the city? Well look no further than Luis Auto Repair Center. We are specialists when it comes to transmission repair and transmission replacement. With our auto repair shop at the heart of the city, we are conveniently located on Manchester Avenue and San Pedro in South Central Los Angeles. Come on by and let us take look at your transmission. We can quickly diagnose the problem and get you back safely on the road. We will give you a hassle-free and worry free estimate with no sales pressure, and if you need a transmission rebuild service we can take care of that for you as well. If your car or truck is currently not running, we can tow it for you for a very low fee. If you’re within a 20 mile radius from our repair, just call us today at (323) 302-9916 to schedule your tow. We can pick you up, help you get set up with a rental car from Enterprise Rent-A-Car and get you back on the road. Do not delay this matter because more problems and headaches are bound to come if there’s no action on your part. The minute the transmission starts to slip, you have to take immediate and decisive action. There can be thousands of dollars on the line, so do not delay.

Are you ready for a whole new transmission and to replace it all-together? Do you want a transmission replacement so your car or truck can run like new again? We have remanufactured transmissions, new transmissions or we can repair your current car’s transmission. Whatever you want, there are options available all with no hassle and no pushy salesmen. We know that you understand the fact that most car parts can really be expensive. As a leading auto repair service provider, we do everything to give you the most affordable rates on any repairs that you need. We give importance to the money our customers spend in our shop. This is our motivation to give them the outstanding service that their cars need. We offer our customers reasonable and competitive rates and is always backed by 100% customer satisfaction. To find out more about transmission repair in Los Angeles, visit:

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